Thanks to our Energy Team we manage over 370.000 points of delivery and customers in 5.000 Italian municipalities. AGSM Energia tariffs on liberalized market are on the major web comparators such as the official one of Authority for electricity, gas and water system (AEEGSI) Trovaofferte and are always at the top of the list.

To answer efficiently and efficaciously to the diversified requests of customers, we

segmented clientele in different products, services and ways of relations.

Wether you are an Enterprise, a Family or a Building Apartment Administrator, we have the right offer for you. Transparency, seriousness and quality service have been our values since over 110 years.

To better respond to everyone needs, our portfolio of offers is diversified on the type of clientele, .

We have fixed priced as well as variable priced tariffs.

The catalogue of products is constantly updated to be always in a good position among the best tariffs in the market.

We are said

From the point of view of the service we propose formulas of invoicing and payment that can be personalized.

Personalized offers

For the customers who have great consumptions of electricity and gas, that is:

  • Electricity – 500.000 kWh/year at least
  • Gas – 200.000 mc/year at least

we offer personalized tariffs sewed on the peculiarity of the supply. Thanks to the skilled sourcing team, we can fastly pack fixed or variable priced offers on different indexes.

Customers aggregators

Thanks to the simplification of commercial processes and with the aim of reaching economies of scale. We manage relationships with final customers aggregators making convenient agreements for them.

The aggregators can be different in nature, depending on the peculiarities of the customer:

  • aggregators of companies, for example professional associations
  • aggregators of Final Customers, such as purchasing groups.

We set up a structured process that can  pick up adhesions authomatically, guaranteeing to the organization the maximum of simplicity and to the customers the maximum of convenience. If you have an organization that is able to pick up 100 participants at least you can take advantage of interesting economic conditions. For bigger groups of participants, we can tailor the service on your needs even more introducing elements of personalization. For example we can insert the logo of your company in the bill  to enforce the sense of membership.

Our products

  • Tutti
  • Condominio
  • Famiglia
  • Impresa
  • P.A.