Apartment building

We deliver gas, light and warm in more than 10.000 apartment buildings and we’ve known the needs and the peculiarities of complex real estates since ever.

We operate in the electricity, gas and district heating sectors.

Why choosing AGSM for your apartment building?

  • We are a dependable and reliable interlocutor for the condominium and the administrator
  • Our skills are not only commercial. Our Energy Team knows how to support customers for any type of intervention about energy deliveries of  public areas (for example the repositioning of the gas or electricity meter)
  • We have products for every needs and condominium customers
  • Our smart solutions semplify the management of the condominium
  • We offer flexible invoicing systems coherent with condominium balance sheet.

Apartment building administrator’s sector has been developing for years even because of regulatory environment. We constantly keep in touch with the main apartment building administrator’s associations and thanks to them we set up the most suitable solutions to semplify the administrators’ business activity.

We also have a specific programme for apartment building administrators and we provide a personal representative.

Find here below the product or service that fits you best as apartment building administrator.

Our products for apartment building