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Get online your appointment at AGSM offices

If you need a consultation, you can get an appointment with one of our consultants who will take care of you giving the help you deserve.

At the offices of Lungadige Galtarossa we activated the online reservation service.

Fill in carefully the fields next to here and give us all the information, so we can make you speak to the operator that is best suited to your needs more. Choose the day and the hour according to your commitments and come to our offices right in time, avoiding queues.

You can get an appointment with one AGSM consultant for the following operations:

Contractual operations

Choose this item if you need to do one of the following operations: transferring of open/closed meter, closure of meter, changing of electricity power, correction of contractuals/personal data, changing of invoicing address, modification of resident/not resident use.

Your bill

Specify this item if you have to do operations like: invoices corrections, payment in instalments, checking about bill or meter reading, copying of bills, unification of gas and electricity bills, online bill.

Payments and refunds

Select this item if you need to speak with a consultant for operations about the bill’s payment or if you have to ask for a refund.

To change an appointment

Remember to warn us in the case you will have to give up the appointment. We will better serve other customers. To change the date/hour or to cancel the appointment use the instructions contained in the confirmation email you received.