Meter reading

COUNTBOX is a simple and efficient tool to do meter reading and much more!

With COUNTBOX you can pay bills, verify the payment status and check the consumption.

Just go to the website, sign up and go to the section “Supplies, meter reading and consumption”. Discover COUNTBOX Web and sign up.

Besides, COUNTBOX is also App.dati-kantar-4-trimestre-2105-windows-phone-ios-android-640x342

App or Web, choose the way you prefer to send us your meter reading!

Watch how to do electricity meter reading with the new electronic meter!

You can do meter reading also by calling:

800 222955

Meter reading (by landline)

045 8053861

Meter reading (by mobile phone)

How can I sign up?

Go to the site.

If you are already registered to App Countbox, you’ll need to log in with the same credentials.

The new users will have to do a new registration, in which it will be requested confirmation of your mobile phone number, customer code (you can find it on the right top of the bill) and the fiscal code.

How can I log in?

With the credentials given to you during the registration process or by Facebook.

How can I do the meter reading?

In the section “Supplies, meter reading and consumption” under the consumption diagrams you can find the botton “MAKE NOW YOUR METER READING”. Insert the values and save the reading.

As an alternative, move the mouse on the box Supplies and the botton “METER READING” will appear.

What can I do if I inserted wrong values?

If the value inserted isn’t right for few cubic metres, we suggest keeping the value inserted and inserting the right value in 10 days; anyway, you can ask for the correction of the reading by calling the Customer Service at our toll free number 800 552866. Otherwise forward a request to the online service Do it Yourself, filling in the form at this link.

Can I do the meter reading for a friend of mine or my relatives?

Sure, you can add their utilities datas using the feature “Add Customer”, with friend of yours’ or your relative’s consent.

In the web version you can find the botton “Add Customer” in the user profile, while in the new app version you should push the botton “+” that you find in the customer list.

Can I do the same operations of the Online Desk?

Yes you can, and not only. With Countbox web you can pay bills by credit card and:

  • check electricity and gas consumption also viewing diagrams over time
  • check the bills’ payment status
  • do meter reading
  • receive important notification, for example when a bill is about to expire
  • link your profile to more customers codes and check the supplies status of friends and relatives
  • activate the bill receipt via email
  • insert your iban to activate automatically payment of the bills by your bank account.

What extra features has the web version compared to the app?

With Countbox web you can:

  • activate the payment via SEPA from the homepage
  • activate the bill receipt via email to save money of shipping costs
  • access to the AGSM forms if you need to do contractual operations (first opening, transfer of open/closed meters…)
  • get an appointment at AGSM offices
  • pay directly the bills on the website by credit card

What can I do if I've lost the username or the password?

Click the link “Recover password” in the login page.

Which bills can I view with Countbox?

Via Countbox you can view the bills of the customers you have linked to by using the app or the web version.

At the first login we asked you your customer code and your fiscal code to view your utilities data.

If you wish to view another customer’s bills, you can add him through the feature “Add customer” and insert the holder customer’data, with his consent.

You’ll be able only to do the meter reading and viewing the past readings (you won’t view the bills) about the supplies you added using the old version with “adopt a meter”. You can evolve the access using the “Go to customer mode” function.

What is the Facebook login for?

You can sign up to Countbox with your Facebook profile, so you won’t need to insert username and password every time you login to Countbox: less data to remember! 😉

Don’t worry,  Facebook doesn’t tell us your password so you won’t find unpleasant intrusions on your profile; we care about correctness.

If you prefer not to use this option, you can freely sign up using an email address.