Online bill

Online Bill is the service that allows you to get all your bills online instead of paper.

A way to save and avoid to waste paper, a safe way to receive your invoices. 

There are many other reasons to give up paper: click here to watch some of them and have a laugh!

Attention: to start the Online Bill service  it’s better to just have the bank direct debit of invoices activated (Conto Comodo). To activate it you can use the form in the sheet of the postal payment slip, attached to the bill, following the instructions that you find on it.

Get it over with and activate now the Online Bill!

Aren’t you sure yet? Below you can read some good reasons to activate the Online Bill:

  1. The bill is sent to your email as soon as it’s produced; we save the times of printing, packaging and shipping, so you earn a lot of days to check the bill before the expiration date.
  2. Have you ever thought that the bill sent to your postal box is at everyone’s mercy? Keep in your mind that in the bill there are important informations (for example from the fiscal code someone can find out place and date of birth); if some prowler took that information, he might cause you serious troubles, like identity theft.
  3. Remember also that if the postal box isn’t placed in a public area, the courier or the post office doesn’t guarantee the delivery of the bill.
  4. We send you the bill in PDF format attached to the mail, so you don’t need to be registered to services or to save passwords.
  5. If you accidentally delete a file from your PC or if you don’t want to archive your bills, on Online help desk all the files are kept and you can download them every time you want.
  6. With the service SMS Alert we send a message on your phone or smartphone for every bill, with the amount and payment expiration date!