AGSM Energia has been adopting trade and loyalty actions since the beginning of the process of energy markets liberalization. Thanks to these, the Company has been growing up gradually and has guaranted the best tariff terms and service conditions to its long-lasting customers too.

Thanks to marketing campaigns towards its long-lasting customers to pass on liberalized market offers, AGSM obtained great results about subscriptions. This passage has guaranteed to customers one of the best tariff conditions in Italy.

The AGSM Energia offers for families on liberalized market are on the official Authority for electricity, gas and water system (AEEGSI) comparator, Trovaofferte and always rank on the first national positions.

Every year AGSM Energia emits over 2.000.000 bills.

AGSM has an important presence on the territory of Verona with 9 front offices (front offices map) to offer its customers the best support. For who can’t use this service because far from their residence, it is possible to use the online user support to do all the main operations without moving from home.

All the AGSM Group has an innovation and developing solutions DNA. Thanks to that numerous recognitions has been reached. For more information visit the section Press Release.

AGSM customers growth in Italy

(datas in percentage)

The opening up of markets and the exit from monopoly caused a double challenge for AGSM:

  • taking care its own long-lasting customers, assuring the best service and offer standards.
  • increasing its presence and the number of  new customers all over Italy

So AGSM has chose to grow up organically and gradually using both its organizational structure and commercial partners selected by offline and online channels. Thanks to that AGSM has been enlarging the commercial presence and increasing electricity and gas sold volumes. Today AGSM is in more than half Italian municipalities.

Balance sheet data [2016]

Volumes sold and customers

Sector Volumes Customers number
Gas 288 Mmc 162.615
Power 2.2 TWh 175.724
District heating 242 Mcal 4.172

Total number of customers year 2016: 350.000

The growth of Agsm on Italian territory

2004 / 47 Comuni Italiani1%

2007 / 991 Comuni Italiani13%

2013 / 3319 Comuni Italiani41%

2014 / 4200 Comuni Italiani53%

2015 / 4859 Comuni Italiani60%

2016 / 4900 Comuni Italiani60.9%