We provide electricity to more than 370.000 points of delivery in over 5.000 Italian municipalities and we have competitive and tailored made tariffs. We control electricity, gas and district heating retail and we develop different offers targeting different type of Customers, assuring the best Customer Service performances. We are also invested of the assignment to acquire and sell electricity and gas for the AGSM Group.

The energy market is not so easy to understand. The bill of light and gas has many regulated by the law items that the provider must debit to its customers. These items are not hold by AGSM but are paid to public institutions.

Because of this the Customer may not understand if he’s paying correctly.

For this reason our duty is to semplify possible the normative and the billas much as , by doing these actions:


AGSM was born in 1898 to bring electricity in the houses of Verona. Power plants have been built and power grids have been placed to feed firms and families of Verona. Since ever AGSM means Energy in Verona.

AGSM has been a public company for many years; thanks to this it has been always safeguarded by the risks of the market but in the other hand it has had many difficulties to grow.

Electricity liberalized process in Italy, begun in 1999, gave AGSM the opportunity to broaden its scope and to enlarge the number of customers and the volume of electricity sold. Consistently with its nature, has been able to guarantee high service quality levels and very competitive offers towards all the customer segments.

All the AGSM offers are studied to be easy to understand as much as possible (following the requirements laid down by the current regulations). The advantages are clear to understand; furthermore you can find the sheet of comparison among the offers documents that clearly illustrates the advantages and the real saving for comparison with the regulated market tariff conditions.

AGSM offers different tariffs categorized as below:

  • variable priced tariffs indexed to the regulated market economic conditions. These offers guarantee a real saving respect to the Authority’s tariffs. The advantage of these products is the simplicity of the contractual terms and conditions.
  • fixed price tariffs. In this case the tariff protects you from price increases for 12 months; a few months before the deadline, AGSM communicates the new terms and conditions (that are always among the cheaper tariffs available in the electricity market) so that the customer can decide to maintain or to change his tariff.
  • variable priced tariffs indexed to the wholesaleprice (PUN). In Italy there is a national power exchange for the business deals between energy operators. The supply and demand between operators determines the prices. Anyone can see the prices trend on the website of GME (Gestore dei Mercati energetici). Anyway customers can’t buy electricity on the power exchange. For this reason AGSM Energia proposes a tariff based on the wholesale price.
  • personalized offers for high consumption users.

AGSM Energia tariffs are on ones of the best in Italy. We are on the most important price comparison websites as well as the Authority for electricity, gas and water system (AEEGSI) Trovaofferte.


AGSM has a very long experience for the gas service too. At the beginning of methanisation in Verona, the AGSM Group was producing the “city gas“, that is a gas produced by the distillation of hard coal.

This kind of gas was used for street lighting in Verona as well as for houses and companies (this service had been hystorically managed by AGSM too).

Lately we introduced natural gas (methan) in Verona till the total coverage of the city.

Thanks to the gas market liberalization, AGSM started a commercial campaign that led to an increase of the number of customers all over the nation.

As well as for electricity market, there are a lot of  liberalized market gas offers tailor made on any kind of customers: business, family or apartment building.

Common feature of all the offers is semplicity and clearness of contractual conditions.

The offers are among the most competitive in Italy. The most influential online comparators (such as the AEEGSI’Trovaofferte) put AGSM offers among the cheapest provider in Italy.

With fixed price tariffs you freeze the price of the gas for 12 months; some months before the deadline we’ll send you the new economic conditions so that you can comparise them and make sure we are the best!

Variable wholesale priced tariffs (indexed on international stock market TTF, the same adopted by Authority for electriciy, gas and water system) are built on a very clear and easy to understand formula; in fact you pay at the wholesalers price with a little fixed and constant extra to cover logistical and operative costs.

We also have offers that reward the loyalty of customers who have no debts. It’s our concrete way to reward our best customers.

District heating

District heating systems represent an alternative, environmental respectful, safe and cheap way to heat up buildings and to produce domestic hot water. They are an huge opportunity for using power rationally and an important contribution for reducing local pollution; in fact, the production of warm is centralized in an unique plant that serves the entire city of Verona and it’s no more fragmented on different sites.

Delivering chimneys and boilers, the Customer saves on regular maintenance costs and he doesn’t have to manage them anymore.

Furthermore, the absence of fuel and flames in the houses makes the district heating a safe system with no risks of burst or fire. There is also a 24 hours prompt intervention service for the district heating control unit.