Producing and allocating value in the market to take care of customers, with regard for the environment and the security of people is what we do everyday.

Our commitment:

  • delivering a safe, reliable, continuos and cheap service
  • reducing natural and energy resources waste and minimizing environmental impacts, both with the management audit and communication towards customers and citizens
  • developing the dialogue with customers, promoting a clear communication of strategies, objectives and results
  • assuring the adoption of behaviours following AGSM “code of ethics” requisites and guaranting of their application
  • promptly providing answers to the changes in society and reference markets
  • improving the efficacy and efficiency of management to increase the company value production. We know that positive economic performances give real advantages to stakeholders.

Our Vision

AGSM vision is strictly influenced by the public utilities nature of the Group, the respect of outgoing laws and the use of natural and territorial resources.

The challenge AGSM has to deal with is that to continue generating revenue, profits and work, minimizing environmental impacts of its activities and preserving the environment for present and future generations.

In what we believe

We believe in environmental safety, in reducing energy consumption, in the promotion of economic and social development, in the satisfaction of our customers, in the regard of our personnel and in particular, in the safety and security at work.